The people of Syria face chemical weapon attacks, barrel bombs and terror inside the country, and a coarsening environment as refugees outside the country. But there is also the threat that people around the world give up on them. The Roadmaps Festival has done an amazing job keeping the needs, dignity and potential of the people front of mind, and given hope that they are not forgotten.
— David Milliband, President of International Rescue Committee, 2017
You and your wonderful team should be so very proud of the fantastic work that you have done!
— Visnja Brdar, 2017 Festival Attendee
It was a terrific festival and congratulations for your vision. The Roadmaps Festival has helped draw attention to the plight of the victims in Syria, and should be commended for its work. No people should be attacked by their own government as has occurred under the Assad regime, including through mass use of torture, indiscriminate bombardment, and chemical weapons. The Roadmaps Festival has helped remind us all of the dire imperative of seeking a negotiated political solution so that the horrific crimes being committed can be stopped, and, someday, the perpetrators prosecuted before credible, internationally supported, tribunals.
— Jennifer Trahan, Associate Clinical Professor at NYU Center for Global Affairs, 2017 Festival Panelist
So important to let us learn through music, film, art, food, stories, scholarship, law and theatre because in doing so you remind us that despite all the suffering and cruelty and our fury and frustration that genocidal regimes remain a part of our world, there is something truly magnificent about the human spirit that ties us together. Showering you all my deepest admiration and respect and so much love.
— Lucile Herbert, 2017 Festival Attendee